Parents at mobile meet up

Being a parent in a remote area

Being a parent in a remote area?

It was a privilege in many ways to be a parent in a remote because we were so free to be with our family everyday.

BUT we often needed support from outside organisations like The Contact Children’s Mobile or PCCM as it became known later on and SOTA etc.

The Mobile has provided so many outlets for our children and ourselves. The children were able to interact with other children and adults in a relaxed manner. This enabled them to learn how to do this in preparation for School . They also made friends who they would see at Primary School and very often High School. The social skills they acquired at the Mobile sessions were invaluable.

The adults were able to interact with other adults. Many and varied problems were solved on these days e.g. where to access help with schooling, where to purchase certain items ,what was growing well in other gardens, the best bank manager etc, the list goes on.

We must not forget the laughter and sense of companionship and knowing that we were all in the same boat . Mobile days and mini schools were greatest help to all country families.

Parent (Wanaaring region NSW)